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The Supreme Court Registry consist of High Court and Intermediate Court. This registry is headed by the Chief Registrar who is in charge of the day to day administration. The Chief Registrar is assisted by the Deputy Chief Registrar, Senior Registrars and Registrars who perform both judicial and administrative functions. Civil proceedings are heard in Chambers by the Chief Registrar, Deputy Chief Registrar, Senior Registrars and Registrars.

The Registry provides various legal counters that amongst other include Civil, Criminal, Writs, Summons, Taxation, Bailiff, Summon in Chambers, Power of Attorney, Practicing Certificates, Civil Marriages, Services, Orders and Searches. The Registry is responsible for processing and registering court documents and to keep safe records of all files and Court documents to make them available for court hearings and searches by lawyers. The Legal Assistant oversees the running of the Registry.


High Court suits are administered by the Supreme Court Act (Chapter 5). This Court hears civil claims more than BND$300,000. All services charge a standard rate as prescribed under Appendix B, Supreme Court Act (Chapter 5). The following fees apply:

Type of Action
Additional Fees
Sealing Writ of Summons$200.00-
Sealing Originating Summons$160.00-
Sealing Petition$160.00-
Notice of Appeal (Civil)
Originating Motion$160.00-
Entering appearance$20.00 each person-
Sealing an Interlocutory Applications$40.00-
Notice of Motion (except a motion for Judgment)$80.00-
Setting Down Action for Trial$200.00-
Sealing Writ of Subpoena$8.00-
Sealing Writ of Execution, Order of Committal, arrest or attachment of property$40.00-
Sealing Order (made in Chambers)$80.00-
Sealing Order or Judgment (made in Trial)$120.00-
Sealing a Judgment pursuant to an Order or certificate (made in Chambers)$40.00-
Affidavit$16.00$8.00 on taking
Exhibit$6.00 each exhibit-
Bundle of Documents / Bundle of Authorities$16.00-
Search for Appearance$16.00 each Defendant-
Civil file search$12.00 for half an hour-
Cause book search$12.00 for each name-
Copies of documents$4.00 each folio-

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