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Subordinate Court

Type of forms
Statutory Declaration / 
Surat Pengakuan
  • Must be printed in colour
  • Minimum 2 pages

Minimum $7.

  • $5 for original copy
  • $2 for Court's copy
  • $2 for subsequent copy
Registry Subordinate Court 
Statement of admission (English)

Penyata Pengakuan (Malay)

​Civil Registry Subordinate Court

Application for Notes of Proceeding or Judgment / 
Permohonan untuk Nota Perbicaraan atau Keputusan Perbicaraan

$2 per page
RTA Registry Subordinate Court

Application for Reinstatement of Brunei Darussalam's Driving License Disqualified under the Road Traffic Act Cap.68 / 
Permohonan untuk Mendapatkan Semula Lesen Memandu Negara Brunei Darussalam yang Telah Digantung di Bawah Akta Lalulintas Jalan Raya Penggal 68

  • Fines MUST be paid in full before applying
  • Lapse of 6 months from the date of Disqualification


RTA Registry Subordinate Court
Application of Criminal Appeal for Magistrate CourtApplication must be not more than 2 weeks from the date of sentence$100 per applicationCriminal Registry Subordinate Court

High Court

​Type of forms

Application of Criminal Appeal for Court of Appeal


Registry High Court

​Application of Criminal Motion for High Court


​Registry High Court

Debtor’s Petition

​Declaration of Inability to Pay

​$60 per application

​Bankruptcy Office

Proof of Debt General Form

​$1 for Creditor's/Debtor's Petition
$5 for Winding Up

​Bankruptcy Office

Bankruptcy Name Search

​$1 per name

​Bankruptcy Office

​Application Form to Reduce Monthly Payment / Borang Permohonan Untuk Mengurangkan Bayaran Setiap Bulan

  1. Form

  2. Supporting Document(s)

​Attach form with supporting document(s)


​Bankruptcy Office

​Application Form For Annual Bonus / Borang Permohonan Bonus Tahunan

  1. Form

  2. Supporting Document(s)

Attach form with supporting document(s)


​Bankruptcy Office

Application Form To Reduce One Month Payment / Borang Permohonan Untuk Mengurangkan Bayaran Satu (1) Bulan

  1. Form

  2. Supporting Document(s)

Attach form with supporting document(s)


​Bankruptcy Office

​Application Form for Fare Allowance Every 4 Years / Borang Permohonan Bayaran Tambang Setiap Empat (4) Tahun

  1. Form

  2. Supporting Document(s)

Attach form with supporting document(s)


​Bankruptcy Office


Notice of Marriage

​Marriage Registry
Marriage Documents

Marriage Registry

Certificate of No Impediment to Marry

  • ​Copies of IC and Birth Certificate to be attached

  • Only valid for 60 days

$50 per application

​Marriage Registry

Application for Translation / Certification of Translation Services

  • ​Attach document to be translated

$20 for Translation per translated page

$20 for Certification of translation per 

$40 for Translation and Certification of translation per page

​Translation Office

​Grant letter of Administration
  1. Affidavit For Collector Of Stamps
  2. Petition For Administration
​Must be submitted together
​$160 for Petition for Collector of Stamps application
$5 for Affidavit for Administration application
​Probate Office
​Vendor Form
(Source: Ministry of Finance and Economy)
Attach form with supporting document(s):
1. Copy of Applicant's Identity Card 
2. Copy of deceased's Identity Card
3. Death of Certificate
4. Copy of Applicant's bank account 

Probate Office

Probate Office