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​What cases are filed in the Electronic FIling System (EFS)?
Criminal and Civil cases in the Court of Appeal, High Court, Intermediate Court, Magistrate's and Juvenile Courts, Bankruptcy, Probate and Inquests.

Who can use the EFS?
Government Agencies and registered law firms have full access to the EFS portal. Members of the public can only download or extract signed document. 

How do I use EFS?

For Public:
Go to the 'Service Bureau Counter' to file a case. The court will send an e-mail notification for document to be extracted. To check, go to the EFS portal and enter the extraction code number provided in the e-mail and download the documents.

For registered users:
Go to the EFS portal​, log in and follow the 'User Manual'.

If the EFS portal is down or if I do not have internet connection, can I still file my case?
Yes. If the portal is down or you do not have internet connection, you can go to the 'Service Bureau Counter' to scan your documents and file it.

Do I need a law firm to file my case using the EFS?
Yes, filing via EFS is accessible only to Government Agencies and registered law firms.

How much do I have to pay to file using the EFS?
The EFS is free of charge until further notice. You just have to pay the normal filing fees for documents.

Who are the users of Case Management System (CMS)?
The CMS is for the internal use of officers and staff of the courts.

How do I use the Queue Management System (QMS)?

1: a. Go to a kiosk;

     b. Select 'Enquire Case Details' for parties' information;

     c. Enter case number.

2: a. To register attendance, select 'Register Attendance';

    b. Enter case number;

    c. Select either 'All Plaintiff Present' or 'All Defendant Present';

    d. Select 'Yes' to confirm attendance.

If I do not use QMS, what will happen?
By not registering in the QMS, the court will not be able to manage your attendance or call out your case.

Do I have to pay for using the QMS?
Using the kiosk is free of charge. However, to use the SMS Notification service (when it is available) you will need to register for the service and each SMS notification will be chargeable.