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Supreme Court
1. Court Of Appeal
The Court of Appeal is Brunei’s final Court of appeal for Criminal cases. In civil cases parties are able to appeal to the Judicial Committee if the Privy Council in the United Kingdom provided that both parties agree beforehand. 

2. High Court
The High Court has original unlimited Jurisdiction to hear both civil and criminal cases as a court of first instance. In addition, the High Court also has revisionary jurisdiction over all subordinate Courts in both civil and criminal matters.
Intermediate Court
Intermediate Court has limited Jurisdiction to hear criminal, civil and commercial cases. 
Subordinate Court
​The Subordinate Court consists of the courts of Magistrate, Juvenile Courts and Small Claims Tribunals. The Magistrate's Court has limited jurisdiction to hear criminal and civil cases. 
2016 - 2020
2021 - 2023
​Total revenue collected.

Court Performance

Measures the court performance through monitoring and analysing performance data on a regular basis for the purpose of improvements in court efficiency and effectiveness.
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