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Section 3 of the First Schedule in the Stamp Act (Chapter 34) and Section 25 Subordinate Courts Act (Chapter 6) Magistrates' Court (Court Fees and Costs) Rules provide for the following filing fees. 


Type of documents Fee (BND)RequirementsAdditional Fees
$16.00 per affidavit

Identification Card

In person before the Registrar

Exemption is given by way of Special Process Server


$4.00 per exhibit (if any)

Civil Summon Cases ​ ​
a)   $80 per filinga)  For the sum less than $1000 
b)   $120 per filingb)  For the sum of $1000 but not more than $5000 
c)   $200 per filingc)  For the sum exceeding $5000 
Subpoena$10.00 per application


File Search

$20.00 per hour

Civil Appeal


Notice of appeal must be filed within a month of the Courts decision  

Deponents/declarants who require interpretation in Malay language must engage Court interpreter if they wish to have their affidavits and court-related declarations affirmed/sworn taken before the Registrars at the Subordinate Court.


Type of ServicesFee (BND)
Bail bonds

Bailer MUST be local / permanent resident

Bailer MUST be employed

Bailers have to fulfill the Court's criteria

Relevant documents MUST be presented

Appeal to High Court

$100 Notice of appeal must be filed within 14 days from date of sentence

File Search

$20 per hour