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What is the Juvenile Court?

The Juvenile Court is a system that deals specifically with the welfare of children and young persons below the age of 18 years old who needs care & protection, guidance and rehabilitation.

The Court sits in all four districts and deals with 3 categories of cases, namely;
•    Child Protection Order
•    Beyond Parental Control
•    Juvenile Criminal Offences (Arrest & Traffic)

Matters that are referred to the Juvenile Court are brought by the Attorney General’s Chamber and JAPEM as well as other relevant enforcement agencies.

In the Juvenile Court, the Magistrate is empowered to deliver Orders with the intention of rehabilitating and reintegrating these children and young persons. In the making of their final Orders, the Magistrate will deliberate with a Panel of Advisors on what is the best course of action to be taken.

Children and Young Persons Act 2010

On 1st March 2010, a comprehensive piece of legislation encompassing all aspects relating to the welfare and care of the child as well as child justice was enforced in the form of the Children and Young Persons Order 2006. The Children Order 2000 became obsolete and the juvenile justice system in Brunei was born.

Children and Young Persons Act 2010 Cap 219 was then implemented on 1st March 2010, replacing the Children and Young Persons Order 2006