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Types of Services

​Registrars Services

​Notarial Services

  • According to the Subordinate Court Act [Chapter 6 Section 11(2), the Registrars and Deputy Registrars shall be ex-officio Commissioner for Oaths
Examples of documents attestated by the Registrar of of the Subordinate Court:
  • public documents
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Affidavits
  • Proof of Debts
  • Contracts
  • Agreements
  • Deeds
  • Other declarations
  • Attesting Power of Attorney
  • According to the Supreme Court Act [Chapter 5 Section 30(2)], the Chief Registrar, Deputy Chief Registrar, Senior Registrars and Registrars shall be ex-officio Commissioners for Oaths and notaries public
  • High Court Registrar of the Supreme Court who are also by virtue the Magistrate of the Subordinate Courts are qualified to notarize any documents to be used in foreign country
  • Notarial act as stated in Stamp Act Chapter 34 Schedule 1 item 50 is charged with BND2.00 per signature
  • The notary services provided in the Subordinate Court include witnessing, attesting the execution of documents (other than Foreign Workers Employment Contract) and certifying documents to be used in a foreign country.

Examples of documents Witnessed by the Notary Public
  • Power of Attorney
  • Court documents e.g. Affidavit
  • Statutory Declaration from other countries
  • Foreign Application forms
Types of Documents which cannot be notarised
  • Photographs
  • Blank or Incomplete documents
  • Faxed or Copied signatures
  • Handwritten wills

Stamp Duties on Instruments / Documents



Description of Instrument​

​Stamp Duty (BND)

​12​ ​Affidavit / Statutory Declaration / Declaration in Writing
​2​4 ​Agreement
​Agency Agreement


​Contractor / Sub-contract Agreement
​Custody and Access Agreement
​Employment / Recruitment Agreement
​Facilities Agreement
​Further Supplementary Development Agreement
​Non-Disclosure Agreement
​Sale and Purchase of Land and / or House AgreementService Agreement
Sale and Purchase of Goods Agreement (except motor vehicles)
​Service Agreement
​Strata Title Agreement
​3​28(e)Transfer for the purpose of effectuating an appointment of a new Trustee
​10.00 ​
​41Gift (Hibah)


Appointment of a new TRUSTEE, and APPOINTMENT in execution of a Power of any property movable or immovable, or of any use, share, or interest in any property by any instrument not being a Will
​530​Counterpart / Duplicate of any instrument
​(a)​If the duty with which the original instrument is chargeable does not exceed $2.00​The same duty as is payable on the original
​(b)​In any other case
​633​ DECLARATION or REVOCATION of any use or trust of or concerning any property by any writing, not being a deed or will, or an instrument chargeable with duty as a settlement10.00​
7​34​ ​Deed

​10.00 ​ ​ ​
​Deed of Appointment
​Supplementary Deed (Addendum / Variation)
​Trust Deed
6(d)​​Deed of Release
​8​44Tenancy Agreementvaried​
9​​50Notarial Act / Notary Public​2.00
​1054(c)​Power or Letter of Attorney10.00​
11​Others​For Embassy / High Commission
​Demand Letter​1.00
​Job Order​1.00
​Affidavit (Letter of Undertaking)​5.00
For Banks
​Wakalah from BIBD​10.00