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​26 (1) Road Traffic Act
​Driving under the influence of drink, drugs or intoxicating substance.
​27 (1) Road Traffic Act
​Causing death by reckless or dangerous driving
​28 (1) Road Traffic Act
Reckless or dangerous driving
​29 (1) Road Traffic Act
​Careless driving (without due care and attention)​
​29A Road Traffic Act
​Use of mobile telephone while driving
​8 (1) Road Traffic Act
​Driving without valid road tax (motor vehicle license)
​16 (1) Road Traffic Act
​Driving without valid driving license
​3 (1) Motor Vehicle Insurance Act
​Driving without valid vehicle insurance policy
​45 Road Traffic Act​

​Driving whilst being disqualified from obtaining or holding a driving license
​8 (1) Motor Vehicle Regulation
​Driving without wearing a body restraining seat belt