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​1. I've just received a summons from Court. What do I do?

- When you received a summons from court, please take note of the date, time and venue and attend court accordingly for your road traffic mention.

2. I've already paid compound for the offence I am charged with. What do I do?

- If you have paid compound, please speak to the Police Prosecution Unit who served you the summons, so they may apply for the summons to be withdrawn.

3. What will happen during the mention?

- Please refer to the Court Procedure for Road Traffic Mentions.

4. What happens if I don't attend court for my mention?

- If you were served with a court summon and you do not attend the mention, a Warrant of Arrest may be issued against you. If you have a valid reason why you cannot attend court on the date and time stated, please contact the court registry immediately.

5. My case is not listed on the cause list. What do I do?

- Please speak to someone at the court registry counter. Do not miss your mention or leave the courthouse until you have spoken to someone regarding your case.

6. Where / how do I pay my fine?

- Fines imposed by the court can be paid at the court's payment counter. Please bear in mind the time period the court has given you to fully pay your fine, if any.

7. I pleaded not guilty to the charges against me. What happens next?

​- If you plead not guilty to the charges, the matter will go for trial. Your case will be assigned to a trial Magistrate. You must attend all future court proceedings. Please refer to the trial guidelines here.