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The types of Orders that Registrar of the SCT makes includes any of the following :
  • Consent Order: When a settlement is reached during the Consultation, a Consent Order will be made by the Registrar recording all the terms of the agreement made by the parties.
  • Discontinuance Order: A Discontinuance Order is made if the claim is not within the jurisdiction of the SCT as determined by the Registrar. If this occurs, filling fees are not refundable.
  • Money Order: A Money Order is made when the other party has agreed to pay any money due and this will be paid in accordance with the terms agreed by the parties during the consultation. Failure of paying allows the claimant to embark on enforcement proceedings against the defaulting party.
  • Work Order: This is normally granted when there is work to complete or rectify.
  • Default Order: When a Respondent fails to attend on the date of the consultation as scheduled, a default order may be made by the Registrar against the Respondent. However, when a Claimant is absent on the date of the consultation as scheduled, the claim may be dismissed by the attending Registrar.