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​ Please visit the Information Counter available at the High Court, Supreme Court Building as well as the Law & court’s Building for questions.

Dress code: Smart Attire, Long Pants & Shoes

Dos and Don’ts: 

  • Visitors should be properly attired. Visitors with inappropriate attire or slippers or short pants may be removed from courts.

  • As a matter of respect to the court, please rise and bow when the judge/magistrate enter the court and when it’s announced that they are about to leave the court room.
  • Please have your mobile phones or other devices switch off or on “silent” mode before entering the court;
  • If you are attending a hearing/meeting before the court, please refer to the Notice board to find out the Courtroom or Chamber in which your matter will be heard;
  • Please make sure that you attend the court at before the scheduled time allocated for your matter to avoid delay. In the event of delay, court proceedings may proceed in your absence;
  • Please remember to speak softly when near courtrooms or chambers to avoid disruption of court proceedings;
  • Prior appointments (by way of letter) must be made to appear before any Judges, Registrars or Magistrates;

  • Members of the public who attends a court hearing must sit quietly and avoid disrupting the ongoing proceedings.
  • Court proceedings (Civil and Criminal) are mostly open to the public to observe unless notified otherwise.
  • Infants and young children must be attended to at all times.
  • Audio and Video or still recording of the court proceedings are prohibited.