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The Registry of Civil Marriages was established under the Marriage Act, Chapter 76, to administer the registration and solemnization of civil marriages.

Non-muslim couples may apply to register and solemnize their marriages with The Registry of Civil Marriages. The Registry will not register or solemnize applicants who are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Dayaks and other persons governed by their own laws or customs of marriage which are recognised by Brunei Darussalam law.

Currently there is a pool of six Marriage Registrars and 3 clerks on hand to ensure that applications are received and processed and that civil marriages are registered. By law, notice of the intended marriage for a period of 2 weeks must be given before a marriage is registered. There are exceptions to this rule where applicants may forgo the 2-week waiting period subject to the discretion and availability of the Marriage Registrar. 

The use of technology has also played a part in improving registry services. In the past, couples would have to wait 7 days to collect their marriage certificate, however, now with the use of technology couples will usually receive their marriage certificate instantly after the wedding. There is also an electronic database of marriages making searches very much more efficient.

The Registry is also able to cater for larger wedding parties and will hold marriages in the Court room for larger groups, subject to availability.

The Registry looks forward to continuing to welcoming and congratulating married couples in 2020.

Registration of Marriages at the Attorney General's Chamber

In order to avoid any confusion, non-Muslim couples that have already married either by way of custom or were married abroad should register their marriage with the Registration of Marriages in the Attorney General's Chamber.

Applicants ought to visit the Attorney's General Website for further information at

To download the leaflet of this service: click Registry of Civil Marriages guide
To download the forms of this service: click Downloadable forms
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